How do I make an appointment?
Visit our legal advice page. There you will find our contact number and a form to message us directly.

Do I have to pay for your services?
No. All of our services are free. You may, however, incur court and/or Sheriff Officer fees that are unavoidable.

Is your advice confidential?
Yes. Our services are strictly confidential and your information will only be seen by those working on, supervising or auditing your case.

Do you deal with criminal, family or immigration issues?
No. Please see the Law Society of Scotland‘s website for solicitors who can advise on these areas.

What happens if you are unable to take my case?
We shall endeavour to refer your case onto another organisation that will be able to provide you with advice and representation.

Can I use a solicitor as well as The Aberdeen Law Project?
No. The resources of the Project are solely for those who otherwise cannot obtain legal advice or representation.

I have a question about your service. How do I contact you?
You can call us on our landline or email us. Please see our contact us page for more details.

Are the students members supervised? How can I be sure that the legal advice I am given is correct?
All of our students are supervised by a qualified solicitor when involved in the representation of clients which means our advice is checked and verified before being issued to you. It must be remembered, however, that advice and representation is provided by students. Supervisors may not always be operating within their area of direct expertise (and so the service/advice that you receive may not be to the standard of a qualified solicitor (or counsel) acting in their professional capacity i.e. within their specialism).

Is community engagement work supervised by qualified lawyers?
No. We do not offer legal advice through our community outreach work and so the work that is produced is not verified by a qualified solicitor unless otherwise stated. When community outreach work is supervised by practising lawyers they are involved with this work as individuals and not as practicing solicitors.