Legal Advice

Can the Highland and Islands Law Project?

The Highland and Islands Law Project (“Hilaw“) volunteers are students trained to undertake legal research, write letters, provide legal opinions, attend mediations, negotiate settlements and, if necessary, appear in Court.

Our team advise and represent across many areas of law. Cases that we have advised on to date include:

Housing – rent issues, deposit retention, surcharges, claims for damages, maintenance and unfair eviction.

Employment – unfair and constructive dismissal, unfair treatment at work and contract reviews.

Charity & Commerce – training and assisting local charity and third sector organisations pursue their aims.

Consumer – faulty products, payment retention and breach of contract.

Miscellaneous – intellectual property, disability and discrimination and land disputes.

There are instances where Hilaw will not provide assistance:

  • Where the case relates to an immigration, family or criminal law matter, or
  • If you are eligible for legal aid, have the means to pay for a lawyer or there is (in our view) another organisation that can assist.

Contacting us is never a waste of time. If we are unable to act on your behalf, we will endeavour to recommend another organisation or law firm that is able to assist you.

Our phone number is 01224 272 434 and our email address is

How much do our services cost?

The services we provide are free. You will not pay for our time or our costs. However, you may be required to pay unavoidable legal expenses, such as the cost of initiating legal proceedings.